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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Given the tight and busy schedule that every Singapore student-athlete (SA) has to juggle, it is important that every SA understand how to manage their time wisely before even embarking on this journey.

Once settled, every SA also needs to be aware of the physical and psychological demands during the different phases of training right up to next year's competition.

Back to basics!

Pre-season training and its importance.

Why is there a need for pre-season preparation?

As each phase of training intensifies and if athletes are not adequately prepared, it will lead to injuries which will then affects the whole rhythm of preparation. Even if the athletes recovers in time for the competition, they may not be performing to their optimal strength.

So pre-seaon conditioning will help lay the necessary foundation for the challenges that the next phase of training demands which then leads to a successful competition campaign.

What do we focus on during pre-season?

Here are some of the purpose and objectives of pre-season training:

  1. To build aerobic endurance in preparation for volume and intensity in the next phase of training.

  2. To strengthen muscles to lower the risk of injuries during coming months of intense training and competition.

  3. To work on basic techniques and forms that will help maximize the bio-mechanic efficiency.

  4. To build mental and emotional capability to cope with the rigorous demands of training and competition.

Attributes involvement during pre-season physical preparation:

  1. Endurance

  2. Speed

  3. Power

  4. Agility

  5. Strength

  6. Balance

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