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Why Choose Total Kinetics Sports

Kenneth Ng, Student-Athlete (W.A.L.A. Athlete 2019)

"as I continued the training, I was drawn to stay as I saw leaps and bounds of improvements in my running."

"it has not only transformed my performances on the track, but also taught me how to be a better person off it. "

"Applying it to my student life, I not only improved on the track, I found a newfound motivation to study harder."

"the training programme is structured, but not rigid. It gave me the flexibility to control my own workouts, while also providing a sense of structure and guidance. "

"my biggest takeaways from this training include relationships with teammates and a reinvention of myself as a person into someone not only ready to compete on the track, but in the real world as well."

Wu Bojin, Student-Athlete

"Learning that there was so much more to running intrigued me to do more research about running mechanics. I was then more conscious about my running form, which allowed me to keep breaking new Personal Best (PBs) time..."

"Besides running performance, the club was also able to hone my mental toughness..."

"It was only after being taught how to engage in positive self-talk that developed me into a more confident athlete. Therefore, "I can" is something that sticks with me even in other aspects of life, such as schooling."

Hennah, Mother of Rayan and Dhanya

"After joining Total Kinetic Sports, my kids became more focused and disciplined in the school and at trainings....."

"(coach) is able to spot their strengths and weaknesses..."

Mdm Karima Syahirah (ex teacher in charge of Tanjong Katong Secondary School Track and Field CCA)

"...has been value-adding the results for the track and field team since he joined TK..."

"is able to motivate the athletes both intrinsically and extrinsically..."

"good team player who is able to build a positive working relationships with the teachers in charge of the CCA..."

Nimai Mannem, Student-Athlete

"With the congenial yet competitive environment at Total Kinetic Sports, I have been able to push myself past my limits while making a lot of valuable friends..."

"learn how to utilise the body kinetically through the fascinating techniques taught..."

"a club filled with a treasure trove of vibrance..."

Kelvin Siew, Student-Athlete

"my passion for running spiked and with the help of my altruistic and cordial coach, I was able to get into 3 finals in Nationals in the year 2018..."

"used skills that were taught on the track in real life..."

"coach has planned everything out for us athletes, from the layout of the training to our own specific trainings for our goals..."

May, Mother of Ihsan

"(coach)'s professionalism and experience continue to help motivate and seek out the best out of his students-athletes to reach beyond personal best.. "

"highly regarded by the teachers..."

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